REMINE Deployment Support

We will support optimized deployment for your environment in a short time and pass on technical know-how.

Customizing Range

It can be customized to meet various needs, such as a screen for statistics, an existing plug-in, functions for new management, and interworking with other systems

Plug-in fabrication

We will develop the necessary functions as plug-ins. It is easy to upgrade because it is provided as a plug-in blank without modifying the source of Red-Mine source.

Deployment support


If you have an in-house representative and introduce it independently, you will not be able to do your job well even if it takes a lot of time It's often done. Alternatively, you may not know the full functionality, so you may have to use only a limited number of functions.

Deployment support is a service that addresses the difficulties that may be encountered in this initial deployment and allows systemsto be deployed smoothly through system installation, training, and environmental deployment.

We have a lot of know-how in the open source field, so we can not only solve the difficulties you face, A roadmap will be presented to help you operate in the future.


Customized installation considering server specifications, OS, etc. for customers


Training for users (PM, developer, QA, etc.) / Training for system administrators


Provide application support and know-how to fit the company's business process

Apply Plug-in

How to Investigate and Install Plug-ins for Required Features

Failure response

Email, phone, visit, etc. to resolve issues for years, spot response


Analyze if existing plug-ins are OK to upgrade a validated version