by Open Source(Redmine)

100% open source that can be changed to the desired project form
Provides an on-premise environment that can be operated as a server-installed type

Visualize your project with a full set of features

OPEN PMS & OPEN ALM (DevOps) is a product developed based on Redmine, an open source, and is a product that faithfully has functions lacking in Redmine.
We started Redmine-based service for the first time in Korea, and we have self-developed plugins and technology to match the business of our customers.
In particular, you can view the status of your project in real time through gantt charts and dashboards, including weight features, and manage your output with your own version management.


Introduce powerful plugins.

Anko Gantt Chart

Anko Gantt Chart can apply weights (projects, phases, tasks) with faithful features that make it easy to schedule management (WBS).

Workflow Autoassignee

Now, instead of manually specifying a person by status, introduce this plug-in, which automatically specifies and sends out emails.

Extended Fields

Instead of editing your issue one by one, try editing it as a list at a time. You can also check if the person in charge has checked your work.

User Dashboard

You don't have to worry about missing task. Delayed or missed work ahead make sure not to.

Customfield Autofiltering

Useful when you want to link items to large, medium, or small.

Project Tree View

It shows the structure of the project in the form of a tree and searches it right away with a keyup, making it easy to find the project.




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