Plugin development

REDMINE experts develop and provide the functions you need.

If you entrust it to an experienced professional, we will develop the desired function quickly with the optimal system.

커스터마이징 범위

It is possible to customize according to various needs such as screen for statistics/existing plug-ins/functions for new management/interworking with other systems.

Creating plugins

We develop necessary functions as plug-ins. Redmine bone source is not modified and it is provided in the form of a plug-in, so it is easy to upgrade.

Dashboard and statistics display case


I have been using Redmine for many years to accumulate work data, but it is difficult to understand the statistical values ​​of the data or the status of the project. You need a dashboard to report to management (managers).

  • Configure the screen in the form of a graph or table so that individual or team data can be viewed at a glance
  • Display the progress of each individual project and a list of tasks worked for this week
  • Indicate the number of project progress and progress status by team as normal or critical
  • Display the number of defects by status by customer in a table and click the number of cases to display a list of tasks
  • Display a list of defect handling cases and work schedules by user

CRM (Customer Requirements Management) Integration


Redmine was introduced to develop and manage the requirements registered in the existing CRM, but there was a need to reflect the development status worked by the developers in Redmine again in the CRM. difficult to track.

  • Development so that the requirements registered in CRM and the work of Redmine can be mapped and registered
  • Display user requirements created in Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Redmine
  • Register a job to work with detailed requirements in Redmine
  • Changes to the status of tasks in Redmine are reflected in the status of linked CRM requirements