by Open Source(Redmine)

Adopt a highly traceable project management tool
OPEN PMS is an open source based PMS suitable for complex businesses.

OPEN PMS is a product developed based on the open source Redmine by supplementing the lacking functions of PMS. It supports project productivity, quality improvement, visualization, quick problem identification, and internal control through functions such as dashboard, Gantt chart, schedule management, and document management (product management). In addition, it can be introduced and used regardless of the industry.

Key Features

Free customization

100% open source with plugin capabilities

Free plugin access

Extend capabilities with 1,000 free plugins

Interworking with open source development tools

Best integration with existing open source development tools

Server license

Unlimited user availability reduces deployment and maintenance costs

Installation Products(On-Premise)

Can be installed on their own servers and even in non-Internet environments

Domestic Technical Support

It is a product developed based on Redmine and can support technology in all areas

Key Features

Project Dashboard

The progress status (including trends), borrower progress, achievement rate, delayed days, issues, risks, user progress, and outputs are displayed at a glance so that the status of the project is not visible

It also displays weighted progress (weighted to projects, steps, and tasks), making it suitable for SI project management.

Gantt Chart

Like MS Project, you can register and modify schedules in the gantt chart, and you can move the taskbar with Drag & Drop or form a relationship up and down.

You can also enter the weighted progress (weighted to projects, steps, and tasks).

output management

You can register and share documents (outputs) with a web browser and automatically manage versions without the need for a separate system.

Document approval is also available to manage the status of documents.

Person in charge by workflow

Automatically set the person in charge of each job status It's a useful function for collaborating with the giving function.

You can also create and send email templates to send to designated users, and update your confirmation via email.

Test Management

The ability to manage testing professionally is mapped to associated requirements, test cases, and defects for easy tracking.

In addition, you can easily check the contents and results of the test and check the progress of the test and the defect rate in real time through the statistical function

User Dashboard

You can check the overall progress (including trends), delay, imminent completion, and progress of participating projects so that each user can see the progress at a glance.

expansion of work

It provides a batch editing function to eliminate the inconvenience of editing work one by one.

In addition, the estimated and required time can be edited in batches, and the total can be calculated/entered automatically when entered You can identify the user and time when you inquired about your work.


It displays the status of work in the form of a compartment at a glance.

In addition, the Drag & Drop function makes it easy to change the status while checking the overall task list, making it easier to manage progress.

Rich Editor

Rich Editors have important functions for writing, such as table drawing and sizing, insertion of captured images, and sizing, to make writing more convenient.

Requirement Tracking Table

Changes in requirements can help you quickly identify the scope (design, source) that needs to be modified, and measure the risk, duration, etc. of development to keep track of areas that are not visible in a smart way.

Sortation category Types and visions note
Installation OS Windows / CentOS 7.x  
Redmine 4.1.x  
Ruby 2.5 ~ 2.7  
Data Base MariaDB 10.3.x  
Support Browsers Chrome / Safari / Edge / Firefox IE 11 is not officially supported but is working


  • Q. How is OPEN PMS different from OPAN ALM?

    When Jenkins is added to the OPEN PMS, it becomes OPEN ALM.
  • Q. What about the license?

    Server licenses allow you to use any number of users.
  • Q. What's the price?

    Please contact us separately for the price.
    T. 070-7554-8392 E.
  • Q. Is there any obligation to open the source since it is an open source product?

    No, we are distributors, so the client company opens it, but the client company is not obligated to open it.
  • Q. Do you migrate the data of the previous RedMine?

    Yes, we will upgrade the red mane you're using and provide it.