User Dashboard

Have you ever wondered who to assign work to?
You can see in real time who is currently busy, or who is procrastinating.
In addition, you can quickly check daily tasks and tasks to be done in the future, and visually check progress.

Main function

Graphs are the most effective way to track the progress of a large number of tasks.

It visually shows the progress of the past and present that were not visible. With a real-time graph of current progress, anyone can see early whether or not their own or team members' progress is on schedule or on delay, preventing delays. You can check the progress trend, status by status, and delay rate through three graphs, and click the link to immediately check the related work.

The success of a project is a fight against delays.

When the number of projects you are in charge of increases, do you not forget the existence of the work you are in charge of? For all projects, 'Delayed work that has not been completed by the completion date or 'Delayed work completed by the completion date' You can avoid risk.

We will solve the trouble of inquiring the work schedule of many projects.

Being able to register and manage tasks easily is a strength of Redmine. However, there was a hassle of having to open the project page to which you belong and check the information of your work.
User Dashboard, you can check the progress of each project to which you belong, the status of incomplete/completed tasks, and the tasks you are responsible for at a glance.

Easily implement your own dashboard

Everyone wants different information. Build your own dashboard. Since the functions of the dashboard are provided in a portlet unit, each function can be freely placed on My Page. Add the information you want to see and drag & Placement is also easy with Drop.

Categorization Item Type and Version Note
Install Redmine 3.x ~ 5.x  
Ruby 2.5 ~ 2.7  
Data Base Mysql, MariaDB, Postgresql  
Plugins Openalm Common 1.7.5 Or Above Provided in Product’s Plugins
Support Browsers Chrome / Safari / Edge / Firefox IE 11 is not officially supported but still operates


  • Q. How can I buy it?

    You can buy it at REDMINE Marketplace, or if you need related documents such as tax invoices, please contact us by email below.
    Purchase inquiry email:
  • Q. What is the license?

    Server license allows for unlimited number of users.
  • Q. Since it is an open source product, is there an obligation to open the source?

    No. Because we are the distributor, the customer company opens it, but the customer company is not obligated to open it.

Purchase procedure

Test with trial version

  • Download Trial from Marketplace
  • Register your trial key


  • Deposit into account
  • Copy of business registration certificate after deposit, send system secret key

Issuance of tax invoice

  • After issuance of the electronic tax invoice, contact the customer

key issuance

  • Issuing a license key with the system secret key
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