Project Tree View

Wasn't it difficult to find the one you want because there are so many projects?
Projects are displayed in a tree view, so you can fold and expand projects with a hierarchical structure, and search and find them.

Main function

A free-to-use project tree view plugin.

If you have a large number of projects, you may want to hide, collapse, or expand some of the subprojects.

Easily search for the project you want.

As soon as you enter even a single search term, projects with that name are searched and displayed.

It maintains the project tree shape.

It maintains the collapsed or expanded state of a part of the project and even if the selected project is moved to another screen and viewed again.

Categorization Item Type and Version Note
Install Redmine 3.x ~ 5.x  
Ruby 2.5 ~ 2.7  
Data Base Mysql, MariaDB, Postgresql  
Plugins Openalm Common 1.7.5 Or Above Provided in Product’s Plugins
Support Browsers Chrome / Safari / Edge / Firefox IE 11 is not officially supported but still operates