ANKO Gantt Chart

Easily add and change schedules with Gantt chart Manage schedules and progress in real time Easily manage projects by registering and editing schedules in frequently-changing project schedule management and progress management

Main function

Gantt Chart that anyone can use right away

You can freely move the chart bar with your mouse, change the length, and specify the parent and child relationships for easy use.

For a large number of schedules, you can create a quick Gantt chart through Redmine's batch registration function.

UX in pursuit of readability

The header is displayed according to the wide full-screen mode and scrolling, and the tree-structured Gantt chart can be folded and unfolded, and the width of the items can be adjusted.

Also, please experience the UX that pursues readability, such as designating and displaying guidelines color for each user and displaying the workflow.

Real-time visibility into project progress and delays

You can see the progress, status and duration of tasks at a glance. If your project is experiencing delays, you can identify which tasks are being delayed and respond quickly.

In addition, it is easy to understand the overall project because you can view the sub-projects together in the parent project.

Categorization Item Type and Version Note
Install Redmine 3.x ~ 5.x  
Ruby 2.5 ~ 2.7  
Data Base Mysql, MariaDB, Postgresql  
Plugins Openalm Common 1.7.5 Or Above Provided in Product’s Plugins
Support Browsers Chrome / Safari / Edge / Firefox IE 11 is not officially supported but still operates


  • Q. How can I buy it?

    You can buy it at REDMINE Marketplace, or if you need related documents such as tax invoices, please contact us by email below.
    Purchase inquiry email:
  • Q. What is the license?

    Server license allows for unlimited number of users.
  • Q. Since it is an open source product, is there an obligation to open the source?

    No. Because we are the distributor, the customer company opens it, but the customer company is not obligated to open it.

Purchase procedure

Test with trial version

  • Download Trial from Marketplace
  • Register your trial key


  • Deposit into account
  • Copy of business registration certificate after deposit, send system secret key

Issuance of tax invoice

  • After issuance of the electronic tax invoice, contact the customer

key issuance

  • Issuing a license key with the system secret key
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