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Thank you for visiting Lionssoft.

Lionssoft is a company that started on the basis of open source.
Open source is an uncontrollable trend that is affecting the software industry as a whole.
Companies that have introduced and used expensive solutions are increasingly beginning to appreciate the value of open source and are rushing to deploy them.

However, there is no integration between open sources, lack of information, lack of disability response technology and manpower, and UI unfamiliar to Korean users hesitate to introduce.

By addressing these challenges, we are building the systems you need at a low cost.

Currently, we have package software and solutions in project management and quality management.

We will continue to develop more products to contribute to your business.

Thank you.

Corporate name
Jaebok, Oh
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Service industry
Software Advisory Development Supply
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Product development and sales

Open Source Consulting

Red Mine Marketplace

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Solution Development
Development language
Affected work
Those who have experience in using open source (Redmine, Jenkins, Git, etc.) and have experience in establishing an ALM/PMS system/ those who can speak Japanese or English

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Affected work
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